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  Sports and Sightseeing


                                                                                                   SPORTS AND RECREATION

      Rincon is home to an informal community of water sports enthusiasts.  The town hosted the 1968 and
      1988 World Surfing Championship.  Punta Higuera is one of the best surfing beaches in the world. 
      Marias, Domes, and Sandy Beach are famous for their surf.  In addition, there are many other sporting
      and recreation opportunities.


                                    Surfing and Dive Shops

      Taino Divers – Next to the Marina,  Kayak, snorkeling and scuba equipment Rentals,  
                                       Fishing, diving and snorkeling charters                          787-823-6429
      Desecheo Dive Shop  - On El Faro Road,   surfboard, boogie board, snorkeling  
                                                               and scuba equipment rentals.               787-823-0390

      Hot Wavz Surf Shop – On El Faro Road,  surf board and boogie board rentals   787-823-3942

      Surftown –  surfboards, skateboards, apparel,  south of plaza       787-823-2515

      West Coast Surf Shop  - In Town, surfboard and kayak rentals,  surfboard and apparel sales  

      Coconut Water Sports at Hotel Villa Cofresi – kayak, paddleboat and boogie board rentals
                                                                 and banana boat rides           787-823-2450

      Playero – Surfing equipment and apparel, corner of Route 115 and Route 413

      Capital Water Sports – variety of water sports equipment rentals, at the public beach / balneario
            Also charters for fishing, snorkeling and scuba diving     787-823-2789 or 787-718-7771

                                     Charter Boats
      Taino Divers – scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing                            787-823-6429

      West Coast Charters – scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing                787-823-4114

      Katarina Sail Charters - day and night sail charters                      787-823-7245

      Capital Water Sports - scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing     787-823-2789 or 787-718-7771

      Makeira Fishing Charters -  fishing charters                     787-823-4391 or 787-299-7374           

       Parador Villa Antonio  - Just north on Route 115, $10 / hour           787-823-3380

      Cancha Del Cielo –  $10 / hour (day) $15 / hour (night)                    787-826-5261

      Public Courts at Rincon Recreational Area – south on Route 115

       Deportivo Sport Center  -  located about ¼ mile south on Route 115,  Fitness room with new equipment, 
       public tennis courts, ¼  mile track  with 8 lanes, basketball courts                787-823-9535

                                 Horseback Riding

      Tropical Trail Rides – It is a little drive, but worth it.  Jobos Beach, just past Ramey base in Isabella.  
                                                                      Call for directions                     787-872-9256
      Pintos R Us  -  puntas section   call for reservation and directions   787-516-7090

     Punta Borinquen – 18 hole public course, designed for President Eisenhower.  Course runs along the ocean.
                    Reasonably priced, pro shop, clubs can be rented.
                    About 25 minutes from Rincon, just north of Aguadilla.     787-890-2987

                    Club Deportivo de Mayaguez – 9 hole private course.  Call for reservations

       Rincon Mountain Bike        call      787-967-7575
       Capital Water Sports     at the public beach    787-823-2789
                                  For Your Health

       Massage – Annette Weimer – Massage  & Spa Treatment             787-382-6299                              
                                  Gina Mikan – Massage & spanish Lessons              787-406-8061

       Yoga – Jodi Maridesh                                                              787-431-2962
                                        Health Food Stores 

       Superfoods - health food store and vegetarian restaurant, serving lunch.
                 Mon - Sat 8:30 - 7:00,  Sun 10:00 - 5:00,  turn left on route 115, km 12.8   787-823-3600     
        Living Foods Lifestyle – Ann Wigmore Institute, Aguada                       787-868-6307





   Rincon -  El Faro (the Punta Higuera Lighthouse) is the pride of Rincon. Recently restored, it is surrounded
   by a lovely park with a snack shop. This park is one of the few passive whale-watching parks in the world.
   Jan- Mar  is high season for whales, but go and have a look any time of year.

   Arecibo Observatory - Site of the largest radar/radio telescope in the world. Interesting visitors center. 
   Call for information on visiting hours.                                  1-787- 878-2612

   Camuy Cave Park - Near the town of Lares. Network of caves with the third largest underground river in
   the world. After purchasing tickets, visitors see a 12 minute film, then walk to the open-air trolleys with
   bilingual guides for a ride to the bottom of a 200 ft ravine. From here a 45 minute guided walk takes you
   through the world of caves. Be sure to call the park for information on hours and ticket costs.          

   Ponce - The second largest city in Puerto Rico, has a beautifully restored downtown area, a mixture of
   neoclassical, Ponce Creole and Art Deco architectural styles. Free sightseeing trolleys available from the
   central plaza. The Museum of Art, designed by Edward Durrel Stone, houses a collection specializing in 
   pre-Rafael style but which spans centuries, from classical to contemporary.
   San German -The second oldest town in Puerto Rico, founded in 1512. The 17th century Porta Cooli church
   now serves as a museum of religious art. The town has restored much of its original Spanish/Colonial
   architecture. Have lunch on the inner patio of the Oasis Hotel, a restored building and part of the parador

    La Parguera - its phosphorescent bay makes an interesting trip after dark. Nightly cruises are available.
   Boats leave for the one-hour trip to the bay starting at 7:30 pm. smaller boats can be rented for a closer
   view. Seafood restaurants.

   Boqueron -A quiet fishing village during the week, crowded on weekends. Popular for its expanse of white
   sand and calm waters along the Boqueron Bay. At the end of rte 101, a very bumpy dirt road, is the Cabo
   Rojo Lighthouse, built by the Spanish more than a century ago.

   Gilligan's Island - Just south of Guanica Dry Forrest, off Route 333, a 5 minute ferry ride off the coast
   to a coral reef cay with unique currents and vegetation.  

   Maricao - In the heart of coffee country, the trip is a spectacular road through the mountains in the
   Cordillera central. Have lunch or afternoon coffee at Hacienda Juanita, the main house of a former coffee
   plantation converted into an inn. From its wide veranda, the view extends over lush vegetation.          

   Guanica Dry Forest -Trails for hiking, bird lover’s paradise. A designated International Biosphere Reserve,
   open daily to the public located on the southern coast off Route 333. The sun can be very intense, wear
   proper clothing and bring water. Nearby “Gilligan’s Island”  (good snorkeling) is a 5 minute ferry ride to a
   coral reef cay with unique currents and vegetation.

   The Tropical Agricultural Research Center Station - Run by the U.S. Department of Agriculture has a large
   collection of tropical and sub-tropical plants. Visitors take a self-guided tour.              1-787-831-3435

   Mayaguez Zoo -Home of numerous birds, mammals, and reptiles. Cages and open areas stand in attractively
   landscaped setting of tropical vegetation                       787-834-8110

   El Yunque Caribbean National Forest -The only tropical rain forest in US territory, located east of San
   Juan. Boasts 240 different species of tropical trees, 50 kinds of orchids, and 150 varieties of ferns.

   El Coqui-A tiny leaf frog is a symbol of Puerto Rico. Listen for its distinctive call “coqui..coqui..coqui”


    Porta del Sol Tours -Small group tours to points of interest around the island.
                                                                        Regular pick-up in Rincon.             787-758-6533

    Bosque Tours and Transportation - Also provides airport pickups.         787-823-4098



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